Morningstar Animal Hospital is a newly constructed, state of the art, full service animal hospital offering the best of modern medicine and cutting edge technology, integrated with acupuncture, herbal therapy, laser therapy and more.

The mission of Morningstar Animal Hospital is to practice high quality, integrative medicine to best promote the health and well being of your pet. We take into account medical history, current problems, diet, personality, living situation and state of mind in formulating a plan to optimize health.  The treatment/wellness plan for your pet may include Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Western Herbal Medicine, or any combination thereof.


Morningstar Veterinary Services

We are a state of the art, full service animal hospital offering the best of modern medicine and cutting edge technology!

Physical Exam and Consultation
Surgery and Dentistry
Cold Laser Therapy
Nutrition Counseling

Meet the Morningstar Staff

Morningstar Animal Hospital is owned and operated by Dr Maryellen Lee. She is supported by her technicians Shannon and Chantele, and receptionist Jenna who all share Dr Lee's passion for the very best patient care and overall physical and mental health of our patients. Click on them to learn more...

Dr. Maryellen Lee
Shannon - Veterinary Technician
Chantele - Veterinary Technician
Sam - Receptionist